For the Workshops we have invited teachers who study, deeply and enthusiastically, the various ethnicities in the Circle Dances. It will be a beautiful sharing of ancestral knowledge that are expressed and felt into the body. 

Many people have been asking us how to help Dedo Verde Community now, while we have our doors closed to presencial activities. After some thought we have decided to open virtual windows, bringing dances and talking cycles. In this way you can contribute and will also receive something from us.

So we invite you to join us and benefit from the joy and life energy we generate together on the online dance circles!

To all Circle Dancers with any experience.

To participate in the workshops you will need to register.  Link for ZOOM platform will be sent after payment confirmation to the e-mail you used to register.

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Choose the value you can contribute

Supportive R$ 100 (no videos and songs)

Ideal R$ 120

Cooperative R$150

Abundant R$ 200


20th and 21th

10am - 12pm


V Meeting - Bruno Perel

For this seminar I endeavored to revisit a library of more than 20 years of Circle Dances. Let's remember simple dances, which can be easily learned, but which have something special. Dances that dissolve the sovereignty and density of the mind and integrate the bodies for a journey through the soul.

Previous Meetings



Paty Rios, daughter of a Michoacan mother and a Queretan father, she is a choreographer, teacher and professional dancer of Mexican Dances; she is also a massage therapist and teacher of Social Responsibility. She is an enthusiast of Mexican culture, and passionate about sharing everything her Aztec steps can show. Paty is a Circle Dances teacher since 2016. 

I Meeting - Paty Rios

She is a pioneer in the introduction of Mexican dances at the Great Uno Circle. For this workshop, Paty will bring dances showing the diversity of Mexican tradition.



II Meeting - Yves Moreau

Yves Moreau lives in Montreal, Canada and is recognized as one of North America's foremost exponents of Bulgarian and Balkan dance and folklore. For the past 50 years, he has lectured and conducted workshops throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Australia . In 1980, Bulgaria awarded him with the order of Kiril and Metodi (1st degree) for his work popularizing Bulgarian folk culture in North America. In 2008, he received the Presidential Medal and letter of congratulations from Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov.

Yves has also taught at Circular dance workshops and festivals in England (with Judy King, Mandy de Winter and Laura Shannon), Findhorn Festival of Sacred Dance and Music (with Peter Vallance), Germany (with Beate Frey), Mexico Circle Dance Festival (with Gwyn Peterdi) and in Brasil on several occasions, including the Encontro Brasileiro de Danças Circulares in Embu das Artes (with Renata Ramos), Anhembi Morumbi University (with Glaucia Rodrigues) and the Festival de Musica e Dança dos Balcas (with Betty Gervitz).

For this online dance workshop, Yves will present a program of traditional circle folklore dances from Bulgaria and other Balkan countries suitable for both beginners and experienced dancers. 

Gwyn Peterdi, has been dancing folk dances, sacred circle dances, practicing yoga, massage therapy and Paneurhythmia for 35 years and has contributed to the growth of these movements with extreme dedication and energy. An eternal learner, Gwyn travels frequently, collecting and sharing treasures with many communities, especially in the United States, Mexico and Brazil

In this meeting, we will enjoy dances of various flavors, traditional and choreographies, old and new, easy, medium, and spicy.  

III Meeting - Gwyn Peterdi







"If you want to know more about me and my work, I invite you to visit (available in Spanish, Portuguese and English)."

Prayer of the Mothers (2019)

Workshop with Pablo and Sérgio in Belém, Pará (2014)

Flashmob of the Summer Festival (2014)

"I’m honoured by Bruno's invitation to be part of the Workshops of Circular Dance Online, organised by Dedo Verde Community. I’ll propose you to travel through some of my choreographies, filled with some reflections and anecdotes about the creative process and how I have lived it.

The rhythms will be very diverse, we’ll have dances of joy and celebration but also more introspective dances of inner connection."

On Sunday, for those who want, we will have an hour for sharing our feelings.

IV Meeting - Pablo Scornik

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